Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ivory and Lace Wedding Cake

Lace theme for wedding cake always make some of my student very excited. This, is the wedding cake that I made it together with my private student, Ina
For the colour, I give Ina to choice, and finally she choose ivory for the cake and white for the lace.

First, I explaind how to handle real cake, and how to stacking.
After that, I have four main subject to describe the theory of lace decorating to this four tiers cake. First, I combined the patchwork cutter with royal icing piping. Then I explained also how to use the silicon mold carefully to get good result as you seen on the second cake from the top and all the pearl borders.

The third and fourth, I show how to make drappery, ruffles and the newest lace that made from tricot, you can see it all on the brooch.

The brooch made from sugarpaste combined with silver sugar pearl, and then lustred the center of brooch with royal gold lustre powder. 

I need my student to be happy, so that they can more creative to design their cake project. 
I believe that happiness can make very good result of the cake design.

Interesting for a privat class also?